Coverage area provided by Adjusters, Inc

We hope that you will find this map useful when assigning your accounts for repossession or investigation. We are based in, and primarily cover the state of Texas, but please be advised that we have recovery services through our association affiliates nationwide.

When the need arises, Adjusters, Inc. stands ready, willing, and able to handle your all of your collateral recovery needs no matter where they may be.

Over 1,000 clients will tell you, simply "The Best"

About the owner
Manhunt International
Manhunt Seminars
Author-Manhunt (The Book)
National Association of Fraud Investigators
Texas Auto Theft Mutual
B.A. Degree Political Science: Baylor University
Board of Directors and Grievance Chairman-Time Finance Adjusters
California Licensed Repossessors
Prime Insurance Group
Florida Association of Licensed Repossessors

About the Company
Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 330007
Houston, Texas 77233
Toll Free Assignment Center
Phone: 1.713.641.2474 | Fax : 1.888.649.7885




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