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Services offered by Adjusters Inc.
We are a full service repossession, collateral collection and investigations agency.

Instead of writing page after page of the services we offer, suffice it to say that we offer "all" of the services which you may need when you want your valuable collateral recovered. Let us present in some detail, how we treat light skip tracing, and that may give you a modicum of insight into how we treat "all" of our responsibilities.

"As long as our success outweighs by far some difficulties we will continue our tracing program. Each time we recover a high profile skip we are not just doing our job, but also improving the image and reputation of the recovery industry."

Millard A. Land

Definition of Light Skip Tracing

Adjusters, Inc. has access to 300 million files of people. When someone orders a magazine, buys a car, responds to a survey, turns on water or lights, applies for a credit card, pays on an account or many other types of transactions, they will usually identify themselves by the social security number. This information is available to the database of Adjusters, Inc. which is updated every fourteen days.

Adjusters, Inc. makes available to you the locate capability by social security analysis, phone number ownership, address verification with neighbors, change of address, fraud and criminal records check, department of motor vehicle scans, drivers licenses, marriage licenses, voters registration, credit reports, DBA filings, liquor licenses, assumed names and real estate tax records.

Adjusters, Inc. provides this service with a guarantee that you are not risking a breach of the Privacy Act of 1974, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or The Fair Credit Reporting Act. This includes all administrative rules and regulators promulgated pursuant thereto, any such regulations of the Federal Trade Commission, all local ordinances and creative orders of any nature bearing upon confidential information.

What is the cost of this service?

Complete Electronic Trace using all 300 million files as described above Hit or No Hit: $85.00. Field call which includes door knock at last known address and interview of parties at address and neighbors on both sides: $150.00 Hit or Not.

Principals and Pre-condition for Carrying out Skip Searches

  • Respecting the relationship between client and recovery specialist.
  • Full use of investigative tools under exisiting legislation.
  • Search must be adequate to the value of collateral.
  • Method dimension and intensity of searches have to be defined by the value of collateral financial gain to client relevant to expenditure and avoidance of court room at all costs.
  • In cases which the skip search for a debtor has started prior to assignment to the Adjusters, Inc. all communication and activity must cease except for the case file investigator at Adjusters, Inc. "One Debtor - One Agent".
  • Comprehensive approach to Tracing.
  • Meticulous analysis of any case related information which is available or can be gathered about the subject and his contact persons.
  • Any known data on the subject has to be complied, revised and updated, ie, personal characteristics, relationships and hobbies.
  • Intelligence and short term surveillance are handled by our own field supervisors.
  • Long term surveillance requires residential authority in conjunction with client approval based on most recent information at hand.
  • When analyzing call related data, the Case officer knows exactly the starting and ending communications as well as the subscriber and the numbers called.
  • Credit card companies and travel agencies are very important sources of information. We have established close, direct contact to obtain tactical and real information. Cooperation is based on mutual trust.

Please feel free to contact us to ask questions.